Welcome to my journey!
I am Venkata "Serish" Gandikota.
Born and raised in a small town on the banks of India's Godavari River, I embarked on a global odyssey that took me through the United States, Finland, and the UK shaping my vision and purpose. My passion for understanding the world led me to delve into research on climate and glaciers, and eventually into entrepreneurship, frugal innovation, sustainability, impact investing, and climate finance.
Currently as a Fellow at The Centre for India and Global Business at Cambridge University's Judge Business School, my path has been one of ambition, innovation, and global impact. Each step in my journey has been a building block towards a greater understanding of how we, as individuals and collectives, can contribute to a sustainable and equitable world. I invite you to explore and engage in a shared purpose where transformative ideas meet actionable strategies.

Blending Passion with Impact

Pioneering Sustainable Ventures

I have started multiple ventures, and especially as the co-founder of InnoFrugal, I've been instrumental in driving the strategy, operations, and growth of this platform dedicated to promoting frugal innovation and impact investing. My ventures showcase how to create a movement towards redefining how we approach resource utilization and innovation.

Climate Finance, Impact Investing and Fundraising

I played a pivotal role as a founding partner in raising €17.5M for an Impact Investing VC Fund called Vault Impact, demonstrating my proficiency in navigating the complex landscape of sustainable finance and underscores my commitment to not only talking about change but also financially empowering it. I worked on deal flow management, impact frameworks, and business plan coaching for impact startups since 2017.

Advisory Roles and Mentorship

Through my involvement as an advisory board member at CRIFT, ACIC GIETU Foundation, and the Smart Village Movement, I have offered guidance to the organizations strategy and growth. I have been an impact coach and accountability partner since 2017 where I have worked with founders and executives 1-1 to help them in achieving their goals.

Thought Leadership Keynotes, Podcasting and Teaching

I have done workshops and Keynotes for Airbus, Fortum, etc. I've had the opportunity to do guest lectures at Cambridge University, Aalto University, Tampere University, and the University of Jyväskylä, focusing on topics of frugal innovation and impact investing. My podcast, "More With Less with Venkata and Jaideep," features conversations with Fortune 500 leaders discussing the balance between financial growth and sustainability.

Global Network and Partnerships

My work has enabled me to build an extensive network that spans Europe, India, Africa, USA, and Latin America. This network is a web of partnerships and collaborations that amplify our collective ability to drive change. I started and expanded InnoFrugal conferences from Helsinki to Stuttgart and Cambridge collaborating with world renowned institutions such as Fraunhofer Institute, and Cambridge Judge Business School.

Venkata "Serish" during the Spring 2008 expedition on Vestfonna Glacier in Svalbard doing glacier and climate research during the 2007-08 International Polar Year.

How I Can Be of Service

My extensive experience in innovation, sustainable finance, and leadership coaching, positions me to offer a range of services tailored to various stakeholders in the innovation and impact ecosystem.

For Limited Partners & Impact and Climate Funds

Strategic Investment Guidance:

Leverage my expertise to identify high-potential investment opportunities in sustainable ventures. I offer insights into market trends, emerging sectors, and impactful startups, helping you make informed investment decisions.

Impact Assessment and Evaluation:

Utilize my experience in quantifying and evaluating impact to guide your investment strategies, ensuring that your portfolio not only generates financial returns but also creates significant social and environmental impact.

For Innovation & Entrepreneurship Teams

Frugal Innovation Keynotes, Workshops and Training:

Engage your team with Keynotes, and customized workshops designed to foster innovative thinking, frugal innovation techniques, and sustainable business practices.

Strategic Advisory Services:

Utilize my strategic acumen to develop robust innovation strategies that align with your organization’s goals and market dynamics.

For Founders & Executive Leaders

Accountability Partner and Leadership Development:

Embark on a journey of personal and professional growth with tailored coaching sessions focused on accountability that will enhance your leadership skills, strategic decision-making, and personal effectiveness.

Organizational Strategy Consulting:

Receive guidance on aligning your organization’s mission with actionable strategies, driving innovation, and achieving sustainable growth.

For Impact Startups

Mentorship, Impact Framework, and Strategy :

Benefit from personalized mentorship sessions where I share insights on business strategy, impact frameworks, sustainable practices, and navigating the startup ecosystem.

Networking and Partnership Building:

Access my extensive network of industry contacts, investors, and potential partners to accelerate your growth and increase your venture's visibility.